Finding Our Fury

Updated: Feb 23

"Finding Our Fury" is a powerful article by Rebecca Sugar published in White Rose Magazine.

In the aftermath of the Colleyville synagogue attack it has become clear that impotent "milquetoast, formulaic responses expressing sadness" typical of the many failed Jewish leaders no longer suffice.

Jewish leaders must wake up to the reality of antisemitism in America that comes not only from the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Jewish establishment must recognize that calling—as ADL would have us—an act of antisemitic terrorism "an opportunity for dialogue and engagement" is a failed approach based on projected weakness. As Ms. Sugar writes, "Our collective Jewish communal head is not on straight. We still think, after all we have been through, that our best options are security guards, awareness campaigns, interfaith dialogue, and sending out our 'thoughts and prayers.'"

Instead, it is time for Jewish leaders to declare that Jews will no longer be easy targets and that there will be a price to pay for promoting and engaging in antisemitism. It is time "to build an iron wall of support for law enforcement" and "to reject the Defund the Police movement, BLM and Deadly Exchange, and to help unseat any senator, congressman, governor, or district attorney who doesn’t do the same." "A change in mindset is needed to meet our change in circumstance. Only that will trigger serious action by the only people who can save us—ourselves."


Join us to challenge Jewish leadership to understand and accept that bromide statements and feel-good initiatives of endless dialog, futile calls for "more education" and unreciprocated "bridge building" have failed to produce the desired outcomes and have been unsuccessful stopping increase and normalization of antisemitism!


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