Why Do Jewish Leaders Prioritize Bail Reform Over Fighting Antisemitism?

Updated: Feb 18


February 18, 2022, New York City

Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, Congregation Beth Elohim - Dismantling Racism Team, and Jewish Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform are sponsoring a Social Justice event titled "Keeping Us Safe: The Facts on Bail Reform."

Despite the mainstream opinion supported by evidence that bail reform significantly contributed to the wave of crime in NYC and wide opposition to the bail reform in NYC the organizers claim that "New York’s new bail law, which went into effect and was quickly amended in 2020, has undoubtedly changed New Yorkers’ lives for the better."

During an unprecedented surge of antisemitism and physical attacks on Jews, why are these Jewish organizations wasting our communal resources sponsoring an even that promotes a failed policy harmful to the Jewish community and everyone's safety?

Join us!

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