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The establishment of your much needed organization to hold Jewish leaders accountable is a welcome development.  For many years it was frustrating to watch U.S Jewish leaders betray our faith and our people, including the State of Israel with sins of commission and of omission.  With no contacts I was limited to collecting a file of Jewish leaders' failures over many years.  This file could be "ammunition" for holding Jewish leaders accountable.


Too many of our leaders have tried to 'blend in' with the 'social justice' narrative of the left which, in turn, limited their response to rising antisemitism.  To create the illusion of 'strength' our Jewish leaders engage in 'virtue signaling' trying to be all things to all people to find safety and acceptance in supporting the leftist causes of other groups. The JCPA (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) created a 'cloak of moral protection' as it publicly supports many leftist causes which conflict with genuine Jewish interests.  TO HOLD JEWISH LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE IT IS NECESSARY TO PENETRATE THAT 'CLOAK OF MORAL PROTECTION' WITH A VOICE WHICH CANNOT BE SILENCED AND TRUTHS WHICH CANNOT BE DENIED.  The Jewish community and the general public must be made aware that many Jewish leaders have failed our community and that new leaders are needed. Your website could become a resource and a reference documenting the sins of commission and of omission over many years.

Bertram Cohen

Florida, USA


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